The UNDP-GEF project “Sustainable Cities for Low-Carbon Development” started in pilot houses in Nur-Sultan city


The UNDP-GEF project “Sustainable Cities for Low-Carbon Development” announces the start of construction and installation work on the overhaul of the exterior walls of the project’s pilot houses in Nur-Sultan city.



In the city of Nur-Sultan, a demonstration project is being implemented on the comprehensive reconstruction (modernization) of multi-unit housing stock and adjacent territories aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in one of the pilot cities for their further replication.



As a pilot territory was chosen the city of Nur-Sultan, microdistrict Tselinny, houses at the following addresses: Pushkin St., 7; Zhubanova St. 1; 3; 3/1; 3/2.



To the current date, work is underway on the overhaul of the external walls, namely: insulation and sealing of interpanel seams using the "Warm seam" technology. The technology "Warm seam" is great for panels houses. Insulation for interpanel seams is the “Vilaterm” insulation cord, which has tremendous thermal insulation properties. In addition, it perfectly absorbs noise. As a sealant for a warm joint, a two-component polyurethane mastic is used, which has excellent waterproofing properties.  


Mastic fits perfectly on any foundation (stone, brick, concrete), reliably adheres to it, filling all chips, joints, cracks. Work on warming and sealing with a warm seam begins with stripping of the seam. Further, the seam cavity is foamed with mounting foam, which allows you to fill even the most inconspicuous voids and provide reliable insulation. After that, “Vilaterm”, compressed to 30%, is installed in the seam, which completely clogs the seam. And already on top of “Vilaterm” a two-component polyurethane mastic is applied, and when sealing small narrow joints - silicone sealant.


It also provides for the restoration of panels that have damage in the form of peeling, falling of the layer, potholes and cracks. Upon completion of the preparatory work, it is envisaged to paint the facade with silicone facade paint and restore the blind area of ​​the building. Silicone paint protects wall materials, creates a decorative effect and gives the house its own look. The coating provides the required vapor permeability, water resistance, has high elasticity. In addition, glazing and ennoblement of balcony spaces are planned.


On the territory of the pilot project, the akimat of Nur-Sultan city is working on landscaping the courtyard.



The purpose of this pilot project is to demonstrate a comprehensive approach to the modernization and management of urban areas, as well as providing sustainable and reliable public services to urban residents.


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