Everyone has the right to work

There are 430,000 people with disabilities in a productive age in Kazakhstan and only a quarter of them are employed. To address the unemployment, in April 2020, UNDP supported the launch of the…  

GBV response protocols of South Korean police inspired a change in attitude of Kazakhstan police force

“Serving as the first line of response in gender-based violence (GBV) cases, the police in Kazakhstan plays an important role in ensuring access to justice for survivors of violence. Their experience…  

Afghan students continue their studies in Kazakhstan: the story of Jamila

Jamila Bahrami, 27, from Ghazni province in Afghanistan, is a recipient of a European Union-funded scholarship for Afghan women to acquire skills and education in higher education institutions of…  

1,000 civil servants in Kazakhstan upgrade their digital and communication skills

1000 civil servants of the central and local executive bodies of Kazakhstan upgraded their digital and communication skills to ensure their effectiveness under the telecommuting model of work.  

UNDP catalyses issuance of first green bonds in Kazakhstan

The transition to a sustainable global economy requires countries to promote and incentivise investments that provide environmental benefits.  

Protecting snow leopard as a symbol of protecting the biodiversity of Kazakhstan

The snow leopard is one of the rarest and little-studied a rest of the cat family. It is a recognized symbol of the Central Asian countries.  

Socially disadvantaged find helping hand of apprenticeship

Maryam was one of many people in the service sector who lost their source of income during the pandemic. Workers in this sector were among the worst-hit. Maryam had to look for a new job.  

New Centre in Nur-Sultan City provides Persons with Disabilities a stepping stone to labour market

In Kazakhstan there are 430,000 persons with disabilities of working age, but only 25 percent of them are employed. This is significantly lower than the average in OECD countries, where the figure is…  

Unpaid work in the global perspective and in Kazakhstan

Everybody has an idea what a typical day of a woman living in Kazakhstan consists of. While she might not be aware of it, her day is “133/246”.  

Youth reap boons of newfound entrepreneurship

Over 100 young people were employed within the UNDP initiative, launched in 2019, aiming to support small and medium sized enterprises and create jobs in remote areas of Karaganda and Aktobe regions.  

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