International Anticorruption Day Conference was organized in Nur-Sultan on 10 December2019 by the National Anti-Corruption Agencywith the support of UNDP, UNODC, and OSCE.

The conference participants representing the national and foreign anticorruption institutions and civil society experts discussed the highlights of the passing year in global anticorruption work including promotion of integrity culture, effectiveness of anticorruption expertise and whistle blowing, launch of anticorruption education, and prevention of illicit enrichment.

As Mr. Yakup Beris, the UNDP Resident Representative, indicated: “…corruption negatively affects people, communities and nations. It undermines democratic processes, reinforces injustices, and increases poverty”. The global cost of corruption is at least $2.6 trillion, or 5 per cent of the global GDP according to the World Economic Forum. In Kazakhstan during the period of 2016-2019 corruption offences breached the economy with the loss of 94,6 billion tenge while indemnification hardly reached 58% (data of the Committee for Legal Statistics of the General Prosecutor’s Office).

As conference participants concluded, prevention is better than cure. This is particularly true when public trust, economic development, the effectiveness of institutions and security of the states are at stake. Only united against corruption can we ensure sustainabledevelopment for people, prosperity, peace and partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

For 25 years, UNDP has been supporting the efforts of the Government of Kazakhstan in the priority areas of national development. Since signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations office on drugs and crime (UNODC) and National Anticorruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 2 September 2019, the high impetus  is given to prevention practices and the development of strong interagency cooperation with relevant Ministries in advocating the anti-corruption culture and integrity in education establishments. 

As the UNODC Regional representative in Central Asia, Ms. Ashita Mittal, states: “… There is no single country, no single institution or a community, or an individual that cannot be adversely impacted by corruption. The weak, the vulnerable, the poor disproportionately highly impacted by corruption because the resources required for daily life become expensive and they also being excluded from the fruits of development because of acts of corruption. It is extremely important that we unite against the acts of corruption and we make those choices where we believe that we need to think in a zero tolerance to corruption”.

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