Violence against women is one of the most common human rights violations. Violence deprives women and girls of the right to equality, diminishes human dignity and limits opportunities for fundamental freedoms. As a form of gender-based discrimination, violence is primarily driven by inequality between men and women. It has many aspects. These are physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological and emotional violence, traditions and cultural practices that are dangerous to women’s health and life, forced prostitution, human trafficking.

Estimates of the prevalence of violence are alarming. At the same time, not all cases of violence are included in official statistics. By keeping silenсe, survivors seek to avoid stigma and shame and refuse to believe in the ability of the justice system to punish the abuser. Violence against women and girls is not limited to certain social or economic characteristics and can leave its black mark on the life of any woman or girl.

On this day, we call on everyone not to be indifferent to violence, not to stigmatize survivors of violence, and to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

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