On July 23-25 the Mission 2030 Hackathon took place in Nur-Sultan.

During a 3-day virtual event 53 developers, innovators and tech entrepreneurs e-met and put together their skills and creativity to redesign a popular SDG-based board game «Mission 2030» into a virtual one. The game was introduced in 2019 and serves as SDG awareness-raising and citizen engagement tool, where players generate SDG-based solutions to the development problems that are relevant to them.

The event consisted of several phases, such as brainstorming, prototyping and pitching, and had acknowledged experts participating as judges and mentors. In the end, the winner, Arman Sergazin, received a $5,000 grant from UNDP Kazakhstan to finalize the development of a virtual game “Mission 2030”.

The event was organized by UNDP Kazakhstan in cooperation with Seedstars, a global network of tech enthusiasts and start-up hubs.

Enjoy the snapshot of the event’s atmosphere and more information about the event in our video.

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