Adapting to life in East Kazakhstan

With the support of UN Semey Joint Programme oralmans in East Kazakhstan oblast have created 8 NGOs

Since the independence of Kazakhstan, over 1 million people including over 464,000 ethnic Kazakhs (Oralmans) immigrated to the country in search of a better life.


  • More than 50 percent of the total Oralman population in East-Kazakhstan successfully integrated into Kazakhstan society with the support of UNDP joint programme
  • Center for Oralman support provided more than 2000 consultations to oralmans since 2012

The repatriation of Orlamans was seen as a way to preserve national identity and increase the internal stability of the country.

While much has been done to encourage Oralmans to return to their homeland, their economic and social integration remains a significant challenge. (See: Oralmans status and rights)

The State Programme “Nurly Kosh” introduced centres to help Oralmans with adapting and integrating into society. UNDP supported the setup of the centre in Semey, as part of a joint United Nations programme in East Kazakhstan.

The centre in Semey started by providing language and computer classes in 2009, and is now a fully-fledged organization, providing a wide range of consultancy and educational services to the repatriates of East Kazakhstan region.

In total, about 12,000 Oralmans in the region (50 percent of the total Oralman population in East-Kazakhstan) successfully integrated into Kazakhstan society thanks to the centre in Semey.

National partners have recommended that the model of support services provided by the Centre in Semey be replicated in other regions of the country.


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