We build inclusive society

Development can be inclusive - and reduce poverty - only if all groups of people contribute to creating opportunities, share the benefits of development and participate in decision-making. The Country Office in Kazakhstan helps national partners design and implements inclusive development policies and programmes. Drawing on its wide international experience, UNDP provides policy advice in areas such as women economic empowerment, mainstreaming disability issues across public institutions, empowering oralman communities, building capacities for entrepreneurship and generating economic and employment opportunities, supporting NGOs and CBOs in providing community services, introduction of the principles of corporate social responsibility and promoting responsible business practices and such. We help develop the capacity of the central and local governments to formulate strategies and policies that stimulate pro-poor growth, reduce poverty and achieve the MDGs.

Within the limits of equitable cooperation in the priority tasks designated in the program for 2010-2015, the Governance and Local Development Team (GLD) operates in the following thematic areas:

  • Partnership for development targeting at encouraging new corporate ethics among entrepreneurs, involvement of the private sector into society development issues as well as advocating the ideas of "global compact" initiated by the UN Secretary General.
  • Social inclusion aiming at improvement of the social services provision for vulnerable groups of population; social integration and mainstreaming the rights of the most marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities and repatriates; increasing the capacity to analyze, monitor and mitigate social risks faced by vulnerable groups and improve their economic opportunities
  • Human security focusing on building business capacities of rural entrepreneurs, generating economic and employment opportunities through micro-leasing and microfinance programmes, supporting NGOs and CBOs in providing community services
  • Area based development. UNDP helps national partners to assess their development needs, monitor progress, and achieve their goals, developing the capacities of various stakeholders to collect and analyze the information necessary to make the right decisions and to translate that insight into the best policies.


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