Democratic Governance

Drawing on the best of global practice, UNDP provides support to parliament and other branches of government. It increases the effectiveness of state administration by helping the government boost accountability, strengthen human resource management, and improve the delivery of public services. It builds the capacity of the Ombudsman office and the Human Rights Commission to ensure they adequately protect human rights. In the process, it builds partnerships with non-governmental organizations to facilitate cooperation among civil society, government and the private sector.

Our Goals

Make democratic institutions more accountable and responsive to citizens, protect of human rights and strengthening the rights-based legal and justice sector and expand people’s opportunities to participate in political decision-making. more

Democratic Governance

UNDP supports Kazakhstan in its efforts to build democratic society more accountable and responsive to citizens.more

Our Stories

Building future for young generation

Zhuldyz always wanted to see her village as prosperous, and the youth in it purposeful and with the baggage of plans. To do this, she gathered activists, held meetings with villagers and organized cultural events. But it wasn’t enough for real mobilization of young people because she didn’t have the widescale initiative and support from stakeholders.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • The Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA) is one of the largest EU-UNDP assistance programmes in Central Asia. BOMCA's main strategy is to promote the stability and security of Central Asian states through the Integrated Border Management (IBM) and Regional Cooperation. more 

  • The main goal of the Regional Hub of Civil Service is to establish an institutional network for a continuous exchange of knowledge and experience in the civil service among the countries of the region, including participation of international organizations.more 

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