Raising Competitiveness of the Region through Innovative Approaches to Regional Planning and Social Services

Using Semey as an example

About the programme

The programme is aimed at improving the quality of life of the population and advance progress towards Millennium Development Goals achievement in East Kazakhstan oblast, in particular in the districts severely hit by nuclear tests at the former Semey nuclear site. This joint programme takes into account the situation analysis of the population’s wellbeing and the development of the East Kazakhstan oblast.

UN Participating agencies:

·       Ministry of the National economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
·       Akimat of the East Kazakhstan oblast

Expected results:
·       Empowered local population to participate in local planning and initiatives to improve their wellbeing, solving their social problems and development of the local self-governance;
·       Strengthened capacity of the local authorities and the civil society;
·       Improved social and economic programmes;
·       Improved access to social and economic services, markets, goods and services to the vulnerable groups in the urban and rural areas of the Eastern Kazakhstan and the barrier-free environment for the persons with disabilities is created;
·       Increased number of the rural entrepreneurs, inclusive business projects developed.


Local self-governance and work with the local authorities:
                Assima Sultanova, assima.sultanova@undp.org                     
Work with the regional authorities, NGO and gender issues:
               Zhanna Zhibrayeva, zzhibraeva@inbox.ru
Social protection of the vulnerable groups of population:
               Rauan Kaliyev, rauan.kaliyev@undp.org   
Development of local entrepreneurship:
              Shynar Imambayeva, shynar.sultan.undp@gmail.com
Public relations and work with the media:
              Meiramgul Beisenova, meiramgul.beisenova@undp.org

9, Lenin Str.,office #204, Semey
071400, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 (7222) 525132, Fax: + +7 (7222) 523005 

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