Steppe Conservation and Management


 Babies of saiga in the Kazakhstan vast steppes

The goal of the project is to conserve the globally significant steppe biodiversity of Kazakhstan by including steppe ecosystems in the protected areas system as well as using planning tools for steppe ecosystems in Irgiz, Torgai and Zhylanshyk river basins. 

Expected Results

  • Buiratau State national nature park and Altyn Dala State nature rezervat established;
  • Work completed to prepare justifications for expansion of the existing and establishment of new steppe protected areas;
  • Proposals submitted on upgrading the PA legislation to the Parliament of Kazakhstan;
  • Monitoring and knowledge management system for Irgiz-Torgai-Zhylanshyk steppe ecosystem is used for landscape level landuse planning;
  • Ecological corridors management mechanisms determined;
  • Annual report on saiga habitat and biological parameters prepared at pilot PAs;
  • Analysis made for different financing models for steppe PAs;
  • Capacity built for pilot PA staff.


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 GEF  $ 2,215,000
 UNDP  $ 25,000
 UNDP (in kind contribution)  $ 25,000
 Kazakhstan Government  $ 10,301,650
 Kazakhstan Government (in kind contribution)  $ 10,321,650
 NGOs  $ 570,000
 NGOs (in kind contribution)  $ 300,000


 Apr 2013  $ 614,000
 Dec 2012  $ 431,812
 Dec 2011  $ 61,328

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