UNDP / GEF and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan Project “NIP update, integration of POPs into national planning and promoting sound healthcare waste management in Kazakhstan”


 Healthcare waste management

The objective of the project is to reduce the releases of unintentionally produced persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and other globally harmful pollutants into the environment by promoting sound healthcare waste management in Kazakhstan, and to assist the country in implementing its relevant obligations under the Stockholm Convention.

Expected Results

–          Stockholm Convention NIP update will enable Kazakhstan to establish inventories of products and articles containing new POPs and to identify industrial sectors where new POPs are employed or unintentionally produced;

–          Improvement of legislation system related to issues of POPs handling, mercury and healthcare waste;

–          selection of the best affordable technologies and testing healthcare waste treatment installations in the selected region, i.e. by the alternative non-incineration methods;

–          conduction of assessment of the situation on mercury releases, preparation of recommendations for safe mercury management and Minamata Convention ratification. 


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 GEF  $ 3,400,000
Total $ 38,412,758


 Dec 2013 Started 2013 - $412.3
 Dec 2014 $ 505 642.73

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