Development and Implementation of Information System on the Monitoring of Biodiversity in Pilot Specially Protected Natural Areas (SPNA) in the Republic of Kazakhstan


The goal of the project is to improve the biodiversity monitoring system by means of creation of a database using GIS-technologies. 

Ecosystem types and biodiversity species linked to the ecosystems as their habitat will serve as the foundation for the database. Ecosystemic approach helps to assess the ecological potential of the habitats and the way of diversity distribution of flora and fauna, and to determine the degree and mode of disturbance and threats to the biotic environment.

As a result, the proposed monitoring system will create the basis for economically and scientifically justified decision-making in the field of management and conservation of flora and fauna resources.

Expected Results

  • Information System for biodiversity monitoring is developed and installed
    in pilot PAs;
  • BD monitoring process in PA are automated
  • Institutionally enforced structural branches of the Committee of Forestry and Hunting/Ministry of Agriculture RK, involved in biodiversity monitoring;
  • Increased capacity of the Committee of Forestry and Hunting /Ministry of Agriculture RK and pilot PAs on biodiversity monitoring;
  • System of  biodiversity monitoring is developed facilitating economically and scientifically justified decision making in management and conservation of flora and fauna resources


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 Government of Kazakhstan  $ 1024527
 UNDP  $ 508860


 Dec 2012  $ 107 409,00
 Apr 2013  $ 56 373,00

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