Design and Execution of a Comprehensive PCB Management Plan for Kazakhstan


The issue of unused or buried equipment containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is a critical one in terms of health security in Kazakhstan. Polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs, are due to their harmful effects and tendency for long-range environmental transport included in the Stockholm Convention of globally managed POPs. According to a PCB inventory conducted in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, with around 980 tons of PCB-containing oils and 255,000 tons of PCB contaminated soil, is second after Russia when it comes to PCB pollution. Though no longer in use, PCBs were extensively used in medium- and large-scale energy equipment within the metallurgical, energy and oil sectors. At the moment there is no specific regulation on PCBs in Kazakhstan, which makes activities relating to the handling, storage and destruction of such waste problematic. The GEF/UNDP project will implement a comprehensive PCB management plan for the country. The proposed project will build upon the partnership between the UNDP and Ministry of Environmental Protection and on Kazakhstan’s National Action Plan for meeting obligations under the Stockholm Convention. The project will strengthen national capacities in the areas of safe management of chemicals, contaminated equipment and waste.

Expected Results

  • Ensure minimization of PCB releases and subsequent health and environmental impacts through systematic capacity development for sound PCB management in the country. The activities will consist of:
  • Regulatory and administrative institution strengthening
  • Capacity building for sound PCB management, identification of additional PCB sources
  • Replacement, setting-up safe dismantling of 850 tons of PCB transformers and their safe disposal
  • Regionally organized secure storages and disposal of PCB capacitors
  • Monitoring, learning, adaptive feedback, outreach and evaluation



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