Central Asian Multi-Country Programme on Climate Risk Management. Climate Risk Management in Kazakhstan


Climate variability and change impacts (including climate-related disasters) and their inherent complexity are likely to pose considerable risks to important economic drivers, human welfare and the environment of Kazakhstan. As a result, climate variability is likely to trigger a suite of food security, water security, energy security, human health and poverty problems in the country. In order to overcome these challenges and for adaptation and climate-related disaster risk reduction to be successful in Kazakhstan, UNDP launches the project on Climate Risk Management in Kazakhstan.  The main objective is to promote reduction of climate-related disasters and adaptation to climate change in Kazakhstan and to integrate climate risk management into Kazakhstan’s core development policy and strategies.

Expected Results

  • Strengthened institutional frameworks and technical capacity to manage climate change risks and opportunities in an integrated manner
  • Development of climate-resilient strategies, policies and legislation in priority sectors and geographic areas
  • Expanded financing options to meet national climate change adaptation costs
  • Implementation of climate change adaptation interventions in priority sectors
  • Disseminated knowledge on how to incorporate climate change knowledge and risks into development processes at national, sub-national and local levels


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 UNDP  $ 2000000


Dec 2012  $ 157 673,00
Apr 2013  $ 35 706,00

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