United Nations Development Programme in the frames of the UN Joint Programme “Raising Competitiveness of the Region through Innovative Approaches to Regional Planning and Social Services (using Semey as an example)” and is announcing a competition for grants: 

1) Pilot of different types of social services (eg: through creation and support of centers of temporary stay), expanding the range of such services and the number of recipients; 

2) Creation of "barrier-free environment" through re-equipment of social facilities to meet the needs of persons with disabilities and other people with limited mobility; 

3) Promotion of employment and entrepreneurship of persons with disabilities, rural women, and repatriates young people (eg: through the promotion of tourism and the introduction of energy-efficient and water-saving technologies).

The purpose of the grant: solving the social problems of the elderly, people with disability and people with no fixed abode. 

Applications should be submitted to the UNDP Office 9 Lenin Street, office #202, Semey, Kazakhstan not later than 17:00, 25 May 2015 (travel not paid).


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