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Globally, UNDP plays a dual role, as development partner and as manager of the United Nations Resident Coordinator system, pursuant to its mandate from the United Nations General Assembly.

 UNDP as Manager of the United Nations Resident Coordinator System

The Resident Coordinator system encompasses all organizations of the United Nations dealing with operational activities for development. It aims to bring together the different United Nations agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities at the country level. Resident Coordinators, who are managed through UNDP, lead United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) in more than 160 countries and are the designated representatives of the United Nations Secretary-General for development. Working closely with national governments, Resident Coordinators and UNCTs advocate the interests and mandates of the United Nations drawing on the support and guidance of the entire United Nations family.

 UNDP Resident Representative assumes the role of Resident Coordinator of the United Nations system. The Resident Coordinator is directly assisted by the Resident Coordinator's Office, which is also managed and administered through UNDP. UNDP has also taken on the day-to-day management of United Nations common premises and common services in the country, and it supports a number of smaller resident UN agencies and non-resident UN agencies in the areas of procurement, recruitment, payments, travel services, etc.

 UNDP as Development Partner

UNDP as a development partner is a member of the UNCT in Kazakhstan among the other resident and non-resident United Nations agencies, funds and programmes active in the country. To ensure that all United Nations assistance provided in Kazakhstan strategically supports the national development agenda, the UNCT formulates a joint assistance strategy every five years, which is called the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). A new UNDAF for the period 2010-2015 is being implemented in Kazakhstan since January 2010. UNDP's Country Programme 2010-2015 is derived from and contributes to implementation of the UNDAF.

UNDP plays an active role within the UNCT through its strong involvement in the process of formulation of the UNDAF through responsible support, strategic and colloborative programming and effective advocacy. UNDAF is aligned with Kazkahstan's national strategic development planning frameworks, including the National Development Strategy, the Poverty Reduction Strategy and the MDGs. Through the UNDAF Outcome Groups, the UNCT monitors progress in implementation of the UNDAF, and discusses opportunities for policy and programmatic collaboration among UN agencies. Joint planning, implementation and monitoring of activities improves the coherence, effectiveness and efficiency of UN assistance. UNDP currently implements one joint n partnership with the UNICEF, UNFPA, UNV and Government of Kazakhstan “Raising Competitiveness of the Region through Innovative Approaches to Regional Planning and Social Services (using Semey as an example)” (2011-2015).

For more information on the Resident Coordinator system and the United Nations system in Kazakhstan, please visit the website of the United Nations in Kazakhstan.

UN Country Team

The United Nations system started its country-based operations in Kazakhstan in early 1993 after the conclusion of an agreement between President Nazarbayev and then Secretary-General of the United Nations Boutros Boutros-Ghali on 5 October 1992.

Working within the United Nations System every agency has its own area of expertise, focus and mandate. The heads of these agencies form the UN Country Team (UNCT) led by the Resident Coordinator.

The UNCT ensures interagency coordination and decision making at the country level. The main purpose of the Country Team is for individual agencies to plan and work together, as part of the Resident Coordinator system, to ensure the delivery of tangible results in support of the development agenda of the Government.

As of today there are 17 UN agencies, programmes and funds present in Kazakhstan. Agencies work together as the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) to support Kazakhstan's development. While each organization has programmes and projects in line with its specific mandate, the UNCT makes concerted effort to ensure progress towards the goals and objectives of the UNDAF. Together, the UN agencies work with country partners to reinforce each other’s programmes and provide technical cooperation in a well-coordinated manner.

UN agencies in the country

The UN Country Team is comprised of UNDP and the following UN agencies, funds and programmes:


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