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Our successes

Over the past twenty years of cooperation UNDP has assisted Kazakhstan in preparing key national and regional policy documents, legislative drafting, institutionalization and capacity building of authorities at different levels of government. These efforts were made through the use of best global practices and on-going support to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Development for the sake of all population groups focuses on bridging social inequalities, especially in regions with a high poverty level. In these very areas UNDP partners need to identify best global practices and experience for formulating and launching national mechanisms. With the country recording significant economic growth over several years, bridging of regional disparities and provision of more equal access to social services become main priorities for UNDP's work in Kazakhstan including doing so in cooperation with private companies operating in Kazakhstan.

Another area of the Programme’s intervention is promotion of energy efficiency and protection of the environment. This includes support to the national partners in implementing the Concept of Sustainable Development of Kazakhstan till 2024, improved environment protection and dissemination of innovative practices in water and land use and biodiversity conservation. UNDP also assists the country’s efforts in addressing global warming challenges through promotion of energy saving, water resources conservation and increased use of renewable energy sources including wind energy.

An important area of UNDP’s activities is the dissemination of democratic governance practices. In this aspect, UNDP focuses on several sub-areas: enhancing efficiency of public institutions; strengthening human right institutions; promoting dialogue and cooperation between NGOs and authorities in implementing and monitoring public policies, and developing parliamentary traditions.

Since 1995 UNDP has been involved in the preparation of National Human Development Reports (NHDR) and other research documents promoting national development and policy dialogue. Training in and study materials on human development published by UNDP are now used by Kazakh universities.

In line with the regional concept of UNDP in Central Asia, much attention is paid to participation of Kazakhstan in regional initiatives in economic reforms, fostering a trade-enabling climate as well as democratic governance and environmental management reforms.

Our accomplishments

UNDP in Kazakhstan has a history of achievements for the last twenty years. 

In the area of economic and social well-being for all UNDP supported a number of local development initiatives in the wider Semey region to support economic growth and sustainable development in the former nuclear test site.

UNDP programmes in the area have boosted economic growth through advisory support and access to financial products, resulted in better provision of social services to vulnerable groups and empowered local civil society groups to take an active role in decision making processes.

In the area of effective governance, UNDP supported the government in bringing innovative reforms to the system of public administration, fostering responsive and accountable governing bodies and promoting dynamic civil society.

The Country Office supported the President’s Administration to upgrade its methodology for public-administration performance assessment, and in 2011 this was applied in the first nation-wide assessment encompassing 26 central ministries and 16 regional administrations.

Also number of positive steps towards reconstruction and modernization of the civil service system have been recently taken. The result of joint work with the National Agency of civil service of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the foundation of the Regional Hub of civil service, which will be the institutional network for the constant exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of public service.

In the area of environmental sustainability, during the years of cooperation UNDP has worked to support country-led efforts to mainstream environmental issues onto the national development agenda. UNDP in Kazakhstan emphasizes the importance of the introduction of energy-efficient technologies and conservation of existing natural resources. Now we are working on providing our recommendations on the green economy for the Ministry of Environment Protection of RK.

UNDP in Kazakhstan successfully closed its wind-power demonstration and wetlands-management projects in 2011. The open-source, high-quality technical information from the wind-power project was embraced by the public-utilities’ association and sparked wide interest among banks and private companies.

It was used in the construction of Kazakhstan’s first commercial wind-energy. The wetlands project, and others on biodiversity, institutionalized new standards of environmental protection and introduced eco-friendly local economic development.

UNDP now has a language of ecosystem management in common with key national partners, allowing us to push more pointedly toward essential legislative changes and government funding.

There is huge potential for profitable energy-efficiency measures in all sectors in Kazakhstan, and this is a major future growth area. UNDP in Kazakhstan is a leader in developing models for retrofitting old housing stock and building more efficient new buildings.

The government launched in 2011 a $7.5 billion state program for retrofitting multi-family housing, with references to the UNDP work.

All of our work is aligned with the national priorities and contributes to the realization of the country’s major strategic goals. By committing to action and with the support of the government of Kazakhstan we are working to empower people and build the resilience of the nation.

Our new priorities

Currently the work of UNDP in Kazakhstan is regulated by the Country Programme Document (CPD) and the Country Programme Action Plan for the period 2010-2015, which is in line with the national priorities and in support of the long-term strategy for the development of the country (Kazakhstan-2030). All UNDP programmes and projects are nationally owned and entail the commitment of national human and financial resources. The programme is focused on three areas:

  • Economic and social well-being for all, with particular attention to vulnerable groups;
  • Environmental sustainability, focused on the sustainable management of natural resources; mitigation and adaptation to climate change; and preparedness for natural and man-made disasters;
  • Effective governance, focused on promoting and protecting human rights and strengthening democratic institutions.

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