The international summer school “Sustainable urban mobility. Modern approaches to the planning of the urban areas’ transformation”

Sep 24, 2017

The international summer school “Sustainable urban mobility. Modern approaches to the planning of the urban areas’ transformation” was held in Almaty in the period from the 8th to the 12th of August 2017. This summer school was organized in the framework of the GEF-UNDP “City of Almaty Sustainable Transport” (CAST) project with a view to demonstrate and to share the experience collected during the realization of the demonstration projects in the field of the complex transport planning, development and promotion of sustainable transport means among young specialists from different Kazakh cities and CIF countries. The main goals were to share theoretical and practical knowledges about transport and territory planning, to set up international and interregional relationships in the field of transport planning and to develop the concept of development and projecting of several concrete objects/districts in Almaty and Astana cities. The organization of the summer school was strongly supported by the Narxoz University which is trying to introduce innovative practices into its educational process by supplying its platform for innovative courses.

It total, it was received 84 applications from such countries as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Poland and the Ukraine, however only 33 participants were selected, among them we can find students, young specialists, representatives of public and professional organizations, working in the field of transport and urban planning, projecting, architecture or in some related areas. The education process in this summer school was directed by such experts as Kseniya Semenova (advisor of the Kiev’s mayor on the velo infrastructure issues, the vice-president of the European Federation of cyclists), Aleksander Chyo (specialist in the transport field, Germany), Elena Chernysheva (senior specialist in transport planning, Dornier Consulting International GmbH), Ashraf Khamed (director of the transport department, Dornier Consulting International GmbH) and Igor Mogila (director of the sustainable systems department in the Institute of urban planning, the Ukraine)

It should be mentioned that in the framework of this summer school the participants have not just obtained knowledges from the experts in the field of transport and urban planning but also took part into resolution of 3 practical cases: the improvement of the “Tselinnyi” sub-district’s territory in Astana, the resolution of the mobility problems of the “Sayakhat” district in Almaty, the  transformation of students’ and staff members’ of the Narxoz University preferences in favor of the sustainable mobility. For the modernization of the “Tselinnyi” sub-district it was proposed to reorganize the territory of the court, to liquidate the transit pass through the court, to fix zones depending on functionalities, to improve the quality and to raise the number of the pedestrian paths, moreover, it was developed the project plan of court in accordance with all proposed modifications. In order to deal with the mobility issue of this district, it was proposed to create a new center of transport and transit and through this measure to transmit a part of the “Saykhat” station functions to the new center of transport and transit. As far as living conditions in this area are concerned, it was recommended to relocate the service stations, the maintenance facilities and the spare parts shops from the living zone situated on the Valikhanov street to the territory of the former station, to create entertainment places for the inhabitants of the private sector situated to the north from the Raiymbek avenue and to enhance the functionality of the zones of the Pushkin street’s green line. In order to improve the movement conditions in the area of the Narxoz University, the following proposals were introduced: to recover/to reorganize 2 bus routes to provide students’ direct access to the university’s entrance door and also to install cycle routes from the Main building to the second building of the Narxoz University.

All the proposals were submitted to the consideration of the both cities’ Akimats. Therefore, the participants of the summer school obtained the opportunity to make their proper contribution to the modernization of the problematic areas of the biggest Kazakh cities under the sensitive guidance of the experts in this field.


To get more detailed information about this summer school and all the the related materials, we invite you to visit the web site of the Public transport of the Almaty city:

Moreover, the video report about this summer school is now available on the Youtube channel of the GEF-UNDP project “City of Almaty Sustainable Transport”:

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