United Nations Commissioner-General visits Arnasay Green Technologies Center

Jun 12, 2017

12 June 2017, Arnasay Village – “Arnasay Green Technologies Centre is a unique hub with an entire cluster of innovations, which form a green platform for all those who wish to learn, share, and disseminate this knowledge,” said the United Nations Commissioner-General to EXPO-2017, Cihan Sultanoglu to the media during her visit to Arnasay.

Arnasay Green Technologies Center, located 40km away from Astana, was established in 2015 within the framework of EXPO-2017 and Kazakhstan’s transition to green economy. It combines eco-friendly practices and modern technologies for sustainable development in Kazakhstan.

Experience amassed by UNDP globally was applied and adapted in Arnasay village, which is typical of rural areas in Central Asia. For example, UNDP helped save 48% of electricity by installing solar panels and halved water use through drip irrigation and other water-saving techniques.

In addition to this, the first in Central Asia greenhouse with phyto-LED lighting was provided and is now helping to accelerate plant growth and increase annual crops.

This helps children in a nearby school to have inexpensive and nutritionally rich lunches all year around, and creates green jobs for adults.

Apart from helping create and share green technologies, UNDP invests in human development by supporting vulnerable groups of people in mastering greener professions. Ms. Sultanoglu witnessed such work when she participated in artisans’ fair and met with local craftspeople.

More information about the UN’s presence in EXPO-2017 can be found here: www.un-expo.org.

For additional information please contact UNDP Communications Associate Dina Teltayeva dina.teltayeva@undp.org, 7 7172 69 65 44 (ext. 2124) 

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