National Working Seminar “Accelerating Kazakhstan´s engagement with the Green Climate Fund”

Sep 7, 2016

Astana, September 06, 2016: The New World Order established globally requires businesses to adapt to the effects of climate change. There has been growing pressure on the international business community to introduce new, low-carbon technologies and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Implementation of major investment projects are challenged to consider environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions, and thus the Paris Agreement on Climate has been created to address the issue.

Introduction and integration of innovative systems and new technologies enabling reduction of environmental impact requires reasonable investments. The Green Climate Fund the largest financial mechanism has been established to help developing countries in adaptation and prevention of climate change

Kazakhstan has already taken a number of actions, such as: adoption of the National Strategy for 2050, Concept for Transition to Green Economy and recently signed Paris Agreement demonstrating its commitments to reduce CO2 and country’s determination to stop environmental degradation.

Supporting the initiative of the low-arbon development of the country, the United Nations Develpoment Programme jointly with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan has arranged a seminar where the representatives of the Green Climate Fund presented full and detailed information on the future possible cooperation with the Fund and prospects for Kazakhstan.

"Kazakhstan undertakes the ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Implementation of this goal entails a structural transformation of the economy including large-scale, technological modernization. This requires an active search and attraction of investments into the country. Activities with the Green Climate Fund through the accredited agencies such as UNDP will enable us to mobilize resources to execute orders stated by the Head of the State", stated Mr. Sadibekov, Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"UNDP, as a long-term partner of Kazakhstan, contributed to the development of the Concept for Kazakhstan Transition to Green Economy. The new UNDP agenda is aimed at achieving sustainable development goals and support Kazakhstan’s transition to a green economy by facilitating strategic partnership with key national and international financial organizations including the Green Climate Fund. Interaction between Kazakhstan and the Green Climate Fund will allow launching Kazakhstan's economy transformation mechanisms", said Munkhtuya Altangerel, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Kazakhstan.

The conference was attended by representatives of UN agencies, ministries, diplomatic missions, the business sector and international organizations.

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