Kazakhstan shares experience with specialists from Turkmenistan in South-South cooperation

Jul 4, 2016

Within the South-South experience exchange program, Turkmenistan delegation visited Kazakhstan from 17 to 26 July 2016. The study tour was organized for 17 professionals, among them representatives of the Turkmen Parliament, Government and other governmental bodies working in the area of agriculture, as well as the Adaptation Fund experts. The main focus of the tour was to learn the methods and techniques of water and land resources management, including the efficient use of resources in irrigated agriculture and crop rehabilitation in a changing climate.

UNDP Kazakhstan presented their portfolio on sustainable water solutions for climate change and disaster risk management with their major goals and objectives. During the visit the Turkmen delegation visited Barayev Scientific Production Center (SPC) of Grain Farming and Zhakhayev Kazakh Research Institute of Rice in Shortandy of Akmola region and Kyzylorda respectively. Technologies for adaptation of agriculture to the production of crops, water-saving innovations and the main farming areas were presented at the SPC of Grain Farming. Besides, impact of climate change on grain productivity and the need to introduce modern and upgraded technologies for eco-efficient farm management were discussed during the meeting. During another trip to the Kyzylorda region, Turkmen specialists saw a drip irrigation system for growing vegetables and fruit; they saw a cascade of reservoirs with accumulated water in them from collecting rain and mud sediments; construction of water storage tanks; gardens on the slopes of the fruit, conifers and ornamental trees.

This knowledge exchange on the latest innovations and methods to increase productivity while adapting to climate change was a step towards the establishment of cooperation between two countries. In the future, it will help to maintain contact for the experience exchange in the field of the latest achievements in agricultural sector. Also, the organized knowledge-exchange tour will provide an opportunity to apply the expertise and skills to the agricultural regions of Turkmenistan.

In the future, UNDP will continue to facilitate such exchange of experiences in order to meet the demands for expertise in more advanced technologies, including laser leveling of irrigated land, water measuring devices, drip irrigation, cleaning of drainage systems, and all other necessary climate change adaptation measures.

UNDP Kazakhstan supported this study visit through its project “Supporting sustainable land management in steppe and semi-arid zones through integrated territorial planning and agro-environmental incentives” which is funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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