DIPECHO VIII Project helps local authorities to create teams of volunteers for emergency situations prevention and elimination on the territory of Almaty region

Oct 29, 2015

Almaty, October 19, 2015. Emergency situations arise unexpectedly and, as international experience shows, teams of volunteers are the first to start working on the ground: the faster help is provided to the victims the more lives can be saved.  Therefore, topical issues of the establishment and activities of voluntary groups (teams) in the field of emergency situations prevention and elimination on the territory of Almaty region were in the highlight of the seminar, held in Almaty. It was conducted by UNDP project "DIPECHO VIII: Scaling up resilience to seismic hazards of urban and rural communities in South-East Kazakhstan."

The seminar was attended by staff of local government offices (akimats), representatives of local communities and non-governmental organizations of Talgar and Eskeldinsky Districts of Almaty region, Tekeli city, territorial divisions of the Department of Emergency Situations (DES) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of UNDP and DIPECHO VIII Project national experts. 

According to the National Director DIPECHO VIII Project, acting Head of the Department of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan Almaty of the Committee of Emergency Situations under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. Nurlan Madyarov, today “the contribution of voluntary groups into the projects in the field of disaster risk reduction is really substantial”.  Effectiveness of activities on raising public awareness in the area of earthquake risks especially in rural regions is possible only with active support of local authorities and participation of local Committees on Emergency Situations (voluntary teams). Voluntary groups should become liaison instrument for local population and its mobilization in case of emergency situation and elimination damages.   

As the speakers underlined, voluntary teams play an important role as a supporting link for local executive bodies and units of departments of Committee of Emergency Situations under the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The seminar participants learned about the history of volunteerism, methodology and best practices in the field of volunteer teams setting up for emergency situations. Also, representatives of the already established volunteer teams from other parts of the Almaty region shared the results of their work.

“Upon arrival from the seminar we will gather people and discuss issues of preparation and response to a potential emergency," - said Mr. Bekzhigit Nodirbek, Chairman of the board of elders of Talgar district. "Our region is home for 37 thousand people. The role of the local communities’ leaders is enormous. After all our elders have great respect and influence among the population of the region, especially among young people. Preparing the population to earthquakes and other types of emergencies is very important and I want our people to know what to do when they occur. "


Additional information about the Project

DIPECHO VIII project: “Scaling up resilience to seismic hazards of urban and rural communities in South-East Kazakhstan” is implemented by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in close cooperation with Committee of Emergency Situation of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan with financial support of Department of European committee and civil protection (ECHO).

The budget of project is 421 607 USD. ECHO supports relief activities for vulnerable people in crisis zones around the world.

 The Project  are focused in the development and supporting of innovative approaches in order to secure the readiness for natural disasters  both in local and national levels,  and provision of assistance to the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of strengthening of the  system in  seismic preparedness, elaboration of practical methods of  community involvement  and commercial sector in seismic-risk management  and disaster risk reduction mechanism for further replication  by the state authorities.


For additional information, please, contact: Mr. Maxim Kadyrbayev, DIPECHO VIII Project manager, tel.. +7 727 271 98 40, e-mail: maxim.kadyrbayev@undp.org or Mr. Andrey Sidorin, DIPECHO VIII Project PR Specialist, tel.. +7 727 271 98 40, e-mail: asidorin@gmail.com



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