UNDP involves local communities of Talgar and Issyk cities in potential emergencies aftermath mitigation

Oct 14, 2015

The akimats’ staff of Talgar and Yenbekshikazakh regions of Almaty district, local Departments of Emergency Situation under the Emergency Situation Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Red Crescent Society, civil society representatives as well as the community leaders of these regions became the participants of the workshop “Earthquake risks and mitigating measures”. The workshop was conducted in the frames of DIPECHO VIII project: “Scaling up resilience to seismic hazards of urban and rural communities in South-East Kazakhstan”. 

According to the DIPECHO VIII Project manager Maxim Kadyrbayev, there is a good reason why Talgar, Issyk and Almaty were chosen for this Project realization. People that live here are at high risk of earthquakes. According to the seismic zoning plan of Kazakhstan, Almaty district is totally situated in the earthquake generating region. Predicted seismic activity makes up 6-9 grades on  MSK-64 and even more. “That is why we see our main goal in the active involvement of local communities in projects implementation that are able to minimize seismic risks as well as after-effect  hazards such as mudflows, floods and landslides”  - Maksim Kadyrbayev emphasized.     

The reports were also made by the project national experts, representatives of the Emergency Situation Committee of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakh mudflows safety organization (“Kazselzaschita”) that presented analysis of earthquakes after-effect risks. They also spoke about the measures which can significantly mitigate these risks, seismic mudflow and landslide safety   in these regions.   

Group work and lively discussion on grounding and choosing the places to realize measures which might mitigate the aftermath of potential emergency situations where earthquakes can cause cascading hazards showed the importance of the workshop topic. Mini-projects will be implemented by local population with support from local authorities and UNDP.  One of this UNDP’s project directions will be the setting up of Emergency Situation Local Teams consisting of volunteers from Talgar and Yenbenshikazakh regions.  The participants expressed their confidence that the realization of mitigating mini-projects as well as the setting up Emergency Situation Local Teams will help people to be more prepared to seismic risks and after-effect situations. The Project results will contribute to the further sustainable development and risks reduction in Kazakhstan.

Additional information about the Project

DIPECHO VIII project: “Scaling up resilience to seismic hazards of urban and rural communities in South-East Kazakhstan” is implemented by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in close cooperation with Committee of Emergency Situation of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan with financial support of Department of European committee and civil protection (ECHO).

The budget of project is 421 607 USD. ECHO supports relief activities for vulnerable people in crisis zones around the world.

 The Project  are focused in the development and supporting of innovative approaches in order to secure the readiness for natural disasters  both in local and national levels,  and provision of assistance to the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of strengthening of the  system in  seismic preparedness, elaboration of practical methods of  community involvement  and commercial sector in seismic-risk management  and disaster risk reduction mechanism for further replication  by the state authorities.


For additional information, please, contact: Mr. Maxim Kadyrbayev, DIPECHO VIII Project manager, tel.. +7 727 271 98 40, e-mail: maxim.kadyrbayev@undp.org or Mr. Andrey Sidorin, DIPECHO VIII Project PR Specialist, e-mail: asidorin@gmail.com


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Contact information

Mr. Maxim Kadyrbayev, DIPECHO VIII Project manager, tel.. +7 727 271 98 40, e-mail: maxim.kadyrbayev@undp.org

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