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  • Kazakhstan’s senators adopt Statement on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Nov 22, 2016

    22 November, 2016 Astana – United Nations Development Programme has presented the Sustainable Development Goals in the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The participants discussed how the new Goals could be implemented and localized in Kazakhstan. The SDGs are a core part of the global 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda adopted by all the UN member-states at a historic summit in September 2015. The 17 Goals aim to end extreme poverty, promote equity and opportunity for all, and protect the planet, in close partnership among all nations. The SDGs take a holistic approach to development, addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality in order to bring transformative change that will ‘leave no one behind’.

  • Kazakhstan’s national and international stakeholders discussed support for implementing SDGs in academic context Nov 21, 2016

    21 November 2016, Astana – Nazarbayev University has hosted a round-table meeting which explored the theme “Policy and Research for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kazakhstan”. The meeting was part of a series of other events that raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), enabling countries to tailor the Goals to their needs. The meeting was organized by Nazarbayev University, United Nations Development Programme, National Analytical Centre and Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana.

  • Opening of 'Learning center of Green Technologies' Within the joint EU/UNDP/UNECE Project 'Supporting Kazakhstan's Transition to a Green Economy Model' Nov 15, 2016

    A Learning Center of Green Technologies opened on November 8th, 2016 in Astana. The center was created within the joint EU/UNDP/UNECE project 'Supporting Kazakhstan's Transition to a Green Economy Model' and it complies with Green Economy Concept of Kazakhstan.

  • Regional Conference Towards a Common Vision for Agenda 2030 in Central Asia Oct 28, 2016

    The Conference is envisaged to establish a regional dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a distinct focus on Green Economy and delivering on the environmental dimension. The event will raise awareness, explore the existing capacities, reinvigorate political will, commitments and encourage the engagement of regional and national stakeholders with respect to Central Asian developmental challenges.


    Several events devoted to adapting and reducing vulnerability of Kazakhstan to climate change will take place on October 24-25.

  • “On ugliness”: site-specific performance based on Umberto Eco Oct 17, 2016

    Ugliness repels us. A huge industry works to help us rid from the ugliness of our own. However, contemplating one’s ugliness is a fascinating process. There were times when a man went to watch executions and visited the circus - both are today substituted by the cinema. Why do we sometimes want to relate ourselves with the ugly, whilst staying aside in our own beauty and harmony?

  • "City of Almaty Sustainable Transport" project’s experts worked out recommendations for the active mobility development in Central Asia Oct 12, 2016
  • Kazakhstan at the forefront of civil service reform Sep 8, 2016

    Kazakhstan is taking the lead in overhauling its civil service and is at the forefront of initiatives aimed at strengthening the professional civil service and enhancing regional and international cooperation in this area.

  • National Working Seminar “Accelerating Kazakhstan´s engagement with the Green Climate Fund” Sep 7, 2016

    Astana, September 06, 2016: The New World Order established globally requires businesses to adapt to the effects of climate change. There has been growing pressure on the international business community to introduce new, low-carbon technologies and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Implementation of major investment projects are challenged to consider environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions, and thus the Paris Agreement on Climate has been created to address the issue.

  • Capacity building of water management trainers in Kazakhstan Sep 2, 2016

    Almaty 2016 - 15-26 August Kazakh university teachers took part in a training course on political and technical aspects of integrated water resources management (IWRM) at the German-Kazakh University in Almaty. This was the first part of training for academic staff from the largest Kazakh universities within the Joint EU/UNDP/UNECE project “Supporting Kazakhstan’s Transition to a Green Economy Model”. Special text-books were developed for the training and will be used as teaching material at the universities.

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