Kazakhstan is Preparing for Climate Change

Aug 22, 2013

On 27th of August 2013 Astana will host a workshop dedicated to inventory of greenhouse gases in various economic sectors, the event organized by the Ministry of Environment Protection and UN Development Programme.

Kazakhstan ratified UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1995 and being a Party to Annex 1 of Kyoto Protocol has been a regular submitter of National Communications to the Secretariat of Convention. National Communication is the document containing information about inventory of greenhouse gases, climate change mitigation and adaptation plans and activities. It is a source of data for efficient environmental policymaking especially for such climate-sensitive industries as energy, agriculture and water.

First and Second National Communications were submitted by Kazakhstan in 1998 and 2009. Currently Third National Communication (TNC) for the years 2006-2010 is underway within UNDP/MEP joint project financially supported by the Global Environment Fund.

In the course of TNC preparation the project team was challenged by a problem of data collection for GHG national reporting from enterprises and departments representing certain sectors of economy. Different approaches to industry reporting resulted in incomplete and non-reliable statistics at a national level.   

For clarification of GHG inventory procedures, the Ministry of Environment Protection and United Nations Development Programme are organizing within the joint project a workshop ‘Improving data collection for national GHG reporting in sectors: Land Use and Forestry, Wastes –municipal wastes, waste water and healthcare wastes incineration; and Housing and Utility: construction and energy efficient lighting’. The workshop will be attended by representatives of MEP branches in regions, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Health and Agency of Statistics.

Date and Time:  27 August 2013, 9-30 a.m., Grand Park Esil Hotel, Turkiz Conference Hall, Beibitshilik str. 8. 


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