The Action plan on Regional Mediation will be developed in Kazakhstan

May 30, 2013

The national workshop of all Kazakhstan regional mediators which are getting together to discuss the art of mediation development in the country will take place in Astana on 31 May 2013.  
The representatives of major mediation organizations along with the oblast judges and Academy of Public Management under the President of RoK will talk about with mediation development dynamics at oblast and rayon levels, discuss existing relationships between mediators and local government, legal and judicial bodies. A special attitude will be given to mediation legislation and regulations with the followed discussion of the changes required to allow for effective conflict resolution with the means of mediation.
During the workshop the participants will be presented with the new training program for mediators and training of mediation trainers which has been elaborated by the Centre of Peace Making and Mediation “Mediatsia” with the support of UNDP in Kazakhstan.
Mediatsia Centre has trained 120 professional mediators and 53 trainers in mediation. It is expected that this training module will be proposed to be included in the curriculum of universities and organizations providing upgrade of professional skills of civil servants. This should also allow for awareness raising on effectiveness of mediation institution at work and daily life and extend potential ground of professional mediators.
Also in the course of the workshop there will be reporting of grantees among mediation organization that received UNDP grants aimed to develop a rayon and community level mediation in rural areas. Within the small grant implementation program more than 30 professional and over 100 unprofessional mediators have been trained. Representatives of judicial bodies will share experience of work with mediators in regard to small and Juvenal cases. As a rule the rural citizens of all rayon villages apply to the rayon courts which results in the increased workload of rayon judges. At the same time if they would use mediators’ services the burden at rayon courts will be getting down. As another option, unprofessional mediators can help the parties to resolve small issues without need to travel to the rayon center and without additional financial costs.
The expected outcome of this workshop is a development of action plan for further development of mediation in the regions, including rayon levels, and working out the training strategy for training professional and unprofessional mediators in the regions. Another outcome will be the recommendations of practicing mediators towards changes in the exiting mediation legislation that regulates mediators’ and mediation organization activities. 

Mass media representatives are invited to participate in the workshop which will take place in Grand Park Esil Hotel in Astana on 31 from 09.00 to 18.00. Interview time is 11.00. Additional information can be obtained from Gulmira Tulesbayeva, UNDP Mediation Development Project Manager, ( tel.: +7 (7172) 580914. 

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