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"Kenes" the Island of Hope

How much do we know or want to know about our fellow citizens with disabilities? At the moment, over 600,000 people suffering from Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other diseases live side by side with us. If one adds their family members, the number of people exposed to disabilities, direcmore


Adapting to life in East Kazakhstan

Since the independence of Kazakhstan, over 1 million people including over 464,000 ethnic Kazakhs (Oralmans) immigrated to the country in search of a better life. The repatriation of Orlamans was seen as a way to preserve national identity and increase the internal stability of the country. While mumore


Building future for young generation

Zhuldyz always wanted to see her village as prosperous, and the youth in it purposeful and with the baggage of plans. To do this, she gathered activists, held meetings with villagers and organized cultural events. But it wasn’t enough for real mobilization of young people because she didn’t have themore


Developing Responsive Public Administration

While a number of complex public-administration reforms have been implemented, regional and local governments still have difficulty delivering on their commitments. With the support of a presidential decree, in 2011 the President’s Administration, together with the Ministry of Economic Development amore


Kazakhstan: Save the wetlands, protect the economy

Valentina Zhakupbekova’s family depended on the exploitation of Kazakhstan’s vast wetlands - thousands of square kilometres of rich soil and abundant lakes, with caviar-bearing fish, unique birds and aquatic flora. Her husband was an illegal poacher, supporting their four children with the fish he cmore


Kazakhstan: When every drop makes profit

‘Lack of water, dramatically declined garden, poor harvest,’ in this way a pensioner Michael Samokhotin describes summer 2009. At that time the authorities of Akmola region decided to disable summer water pipe to the village Arnasay because of the strategic importance of the local water reservoir fomore

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