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Lyazzat Kaltayeva: “There should be no barriers in our society”

Ahead of the International Day of Disabled Persons (3 December) Lyazzat Kaltayeva, a leader of the NGO supporting the rights of people with disabilities, was awarded at the Asia Pacific Award of fighters for the rights of people with disabilities. During the intergovernmental meeting Socio-Economic more


Picture Spread: Stories from the Lives of People With Disabilities in Kostanay City

The grant programme under the UNDP and RK Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Project provided funding to NGOs based in Kostanay, Karaganda and Almaty to develop effective approaches to social services for people with special needs. more

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"From Exclusion to Equality: Realising the Rights of Persons with Disabilities"

The National Human Development Report for 2009, which is the country’s first comprehensive study on the status of persons with disabilities, outlines a road map of measures the government needs to take to meet its obligations and improve the standard of living for persons with disabilities.

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