Inclusive Development

Development can be inclusive – and reduce poverty – only if all groups of people contribute to creating opportunities, share the benefits of development and participate in decision-making. The Country Office in Kazakhstan helps national partners design and implements inclusive development policies and programmes. Drawing on its wide international experience, UNDP provides policy advice in areas such as women economic empowerment, mainstreaming disability issues across public institutions, empowering oralman communities, building capacities for entrepreneurship and generating economic and employment opportunities, supporting NGOs and CBOs in providing community services, introduction of the principles of corporate social responsibility and promoting responsible business practices and such.

Our Goals

Social inclusion aiming at improvement of the social services provision for vulnerable groups of population; social integration and mainstreaming the rights of the most marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities and repatriates.more

Promoting full inclusion of people with disabilities into society

UNDP in Kazakhstan promotes social integration and mainstreaming the rights of vulnerable population, including people with disabilities, women and repatriats to the society of Kazakhstan.

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Projects and Initiatives

Strengthening of the Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities and Development of the Special Social Services Provision System

Повышение устойчивости сектора производства пшеницы в Казахстане к изменению климата для обеспечения продовольственной безопасности в Центральной Азии

The focus of the project is to mainstream disability issues across public institutions and promote the process of signing and ratification of the International Convention on the Right of Persons with disabilities and its Optional Protocol in Kazakhstan. more

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The National Human Development Report for 2009

The report, which is the country’s first comprehensive study on the status of persons with disabilities, outlines a road map of measures the government needs to take to meet its obligations and improve the standard of living for persons with disabilities.

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