Environment and Energy

UNDP supports national efforts to protect globally significant biodiversity and address the threats of global warming and ozone depletion. It promotes the management of wetlands, mountain agro-biodiversity, and rangeland ecosystems. UNDP supports improved energy efficiency in heat and water supply systems, and increased use of renewable energy sources.

Through the Small Grants Programme, which is supported by the Global Environment Facility, it provides funding to civil society for projects to protect the environment. Through outreach efforts, it informs citizens that their social and economic well-being depends on the wise use of environmental resources.

Sustainable future for all

UNDP in Kazakhstan supports Kazakhstan on its road to sustainable development with benefits for economy and people.

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Projects and Initiatives

UNDP / GEF and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan Project “NIP update, integration of POPs into national planning and promoting sound healthcare waste management in Kazakhstan”

The project is aimed to transform Kazakhstan market towards the energy efficient lighting technologies and gradual replacement of inefficient lighting equipment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. more

Steppe Conservation and Management

The goal of “Steppe conservation and management” Project is to conserve the globally significant steppe biodiversity of Kazakhstan by including steppe ecosystems in the protected areas system as well as using planning tools for steppe ecosystems in Irgiz, Torgai and Zhylanshyk river basins. more

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