How UNDP improves social partnership in East Kazakhstan?

24 Jun 2015

Mira Beisenova, Communication specialist, UN Joint programme in East Kazakhstan

 “Lack of experience and knowledge of effective business planning, poor networking, lack of start-up capital or pledged assets. Those are obstacles in development of rural entrepreneurship. An NGO can acts as an effective catalyst of the existing entrepreneurship state and non-state programmes. UNDP contributed a lot to capacity building of the local NGOs in East Kazakhstan…”, said Shynar Sultan, SME support consultant of the UN Joint programme in East Kazakhstan.

Our local partner in rural entrepreneurship development – public fund "Development of Youth Entrepreneurship" is our local partner in rural entrepreneurship development in East Kazakhstan. It serves as a bridge between all stakeholders: UNDP, Government of Kazakhstan and entrepreneurs, new and old. Especially vulnerable groups of the region appreciated organizational, advisory and financial support provided.  UNDP assigned 133,000 USD and helped to fundraise 770,000 USD in a partnership with this NGO from other sources.

After 4 years of close collaboration we can see its results through 24 projects realized together. Let us share one of the successful project stories within the "Green Business" initiative.

“Healthy food. Made in Kazakhstan”

East Kazakhstan is famous for the production of honey. Almost every village has its beekeepers. So, in Petropavolvka village in Borodulikha rayon, Zhibraev Tursungaly has kept bees for several years. Back in 2009 he and his family thought of opening a small farm for the production of honey. The entrepreneur was always interested in the needs of the consumer. Most buyers of honey acquire it in big cans  which are not always convenient. For example, one can’t bring such a can to school, work place or take it during travels.

Later on  Zhibraev found  a new approach to the organization of his business, namely, honey packaging in stick-packs weighing 10-20 grams. In 2014 Tursungaly received an interest-free loan within the "Green Business" project with the support of UNDP to the amount of 1.5 million tenge. With these funds, he purchased energy-efficient equipment which allows him to pack it conveniently and save  electricity.

Now the entrepreneur is actively engaged in marketing. The former Akim of EKO Berdybek Saparbayev stated that honey should be made part of schoolchildren’s diet. This gives unlimited potential for the development of beekeeping in the region. The entrepreneur plans to buy more bees with hives, as demand grows, as well as to export its products to neighboring countries like Russia, Belarus and others. 

PF "Development of Youth Entrepreneurship" became the winner of the international contest on social partnership projects arranged by "ARGO" NGO with the assistance of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Our joint initiatives "Socially Responsible Business", "Green Business" aimed at stimulating business activity and improving the welfare of the population in the East Kazakhstan were recognized as the best examples in Kazakhstan worthy to replicate in other CA countries. More at

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