Raising Competitiveness of the Region through Innovative Approaches to Regional Planning and Social Services (using Semey as an example)


Providing trainings for oralmans

Improve quality of life of the population, and advance progress towards Millennium Development Goals achievement in EKO, in particular in the districts severely hit by the former Semey nuclear site.


This joint programme presented by UNDP, UNICEF, and UNFPA takes into account the situation analysis of the population wellbeing and development of the acutely affected East Kazakhstan oblast (EKO), evaluation of the previous programmes, and recommendations on improving the cooperation. Other elements this programme relies on the priorities of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for the Republic of Kazakhstan 2010-2015, as well as on priorities laid down in the Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2020 and other national programme documents.


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 UNDP  $ 9,000,000
 UNICEF  $ 700,000
 UNFPA  $ 230,000
 UNV  $ 100,000
 Government of Kazakhstan  $ 9,816,365


 Dec 2012  $ 1,858,150
 Aprl 2013  $ 229,061
Project start date
January 2011
Estimated end date
December 2015
Geographic coverage
Eastern-Kazakhstan oblast
Focus Area
Poverty Reduction
Project Officer
Bekzat Rakhimov
Counterpart: Government of Kazakhstan, Implementing Agencies - Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Akimat of East Kazakhstan Oblast, Akimat of Semey City
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