DIPECHO VII: Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction in South-East and East Kazakhstan


DIPECHO VII: Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction in South-East and East Kazakhstan helps National authorities and communities are better prepared and respond to natural and man-made disasters.

The objective of the project “DIPECHO VII: Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction in South-East Kazakhstan” is to reduce loss of lives, livelihoods and developmental assets to natural disasters by developing community capacities for disaster risk reduction (DRR). Specifically, the project will work in pilot locations in Almaty and East Kazakhstan oblast, where it will demonstrate community-based DRR and build the case for further DRR mainstreaming regionally and nationally. The project will link the initiatives of local communities to those of national disaster management authorities, allowing the national authorities to realize the strengths of local communities in DRR, and to further integrate local-level risk management into long-term governance and environmental initiatives. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Emergency Situations in close partnership with UNDP and the Kazakhstan Red Crescent Society.

Expected Results

  • Disaster risks addressed and reduced at community level (Tekeli, Almaty oblast)
  • Community based disaster risk reduction replicated and mainstreamed at all levels
  • Improved disaster preparedness through raised capacities of remote communities and national society (Responsible partner: Kazakhstan Red Crescent Society)


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 ECHO  $ 657469
 UNDP  $ 104586
Kazakhstan Red Crescent Society  $ 12078


 Dec 2012  $ 226 039,00
 Apr 2013  $ 56 600,00
Project start date
May 2012
Estimated end date
October 2013
Geographic coverage
Focus Area
Environment, Human Settlements, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Management
Ensure environmental sustainablility
Project officer
Alexey Nikitin
Ministry of Emergency Situations, Kazakhstan Red Crescent Society, UNICEF