Demonstration of improvement of energy efficiency of public buildings at the example of the School No.25


The Project “Demonstration of improvement of energy efficiency of public buildings at the example of the School No.25” aims at demonstrating the case of improvement of study conditions for pupils at a typical municipal building in Astana city as a part of the corporate approach in neutralizing the carbon footprint of a company (EBRD). The main objective of the project is to improve energy efficiency of the school based on the proposed recommendations of the energy auditors. 

The project will result in decrease of the annual budget allocation for the heat and electricity energy consumption for the school and improvement of thermal conditions for school children and personnel. This is especially actual in the condition of constant increase of the tariffs for energy sources as well as a deficit of the municipal heat supply capacity. It will as well decrease the negative effect for the environment with the GHG emissions decrease due to more rational heat consumption in the building.

Expected outcomes

  • Total investments in recommended measures are estimated at USD 204,023.
  • Implementation of measures and technologies  in compliance with technical specification defined  in the Annual Work Plan and  high quality of installation
  • Quality assurance and supervision of contractors engaged with installation works
  • Commissioning of the measures in compliance with national construction regulations
  • When implemented, the measures will improve overall indoor thermal comfort for school children and staff. Modern technologies and automation of the heating system will reduce operational costs and extend the life of the building fabric and building services.
  • The measures described will also improve the supply of fresh air and prevent a number of hygienic issues associated with the presence of mold and fungi resulting from indoor water condensation. Automation of the heating system will reduce heat demand, resulting in lower heating bills



Total resources



$ 204,023

UNDP (in kind)


Project Overview
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Focus Area
Environmental Sustainability
Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan