Complex solutions for the housing utilities sector in promoting energy efficiency in small towns


The Project  is aimed at development and probation in a pilot territory (a small settlement – the settlement Prigorodnyi, the territory of which is in the structure of Astana, Esil district) of the Model of Modernization and subsequent efficient management of the housing and utilities services (HUS) maintenance services for maintenance of a safe residing of the local population, provision of qualitative Municipal Utilities Services to the population through increasing of economic feasibility, environmental friendliness and reliability of life-support systems (a housing-and-municipal infrastructure - first of all of the total systems of heating, water supply and electricity).

Expected outcomes

·    A comprehensive analysis of an existing condition in the HUS sector in the settlement Prigorodnyi is carried out for determination of technical, organizational and other measures on HUS modernization in the pilot settlement

·    The organizational and financial model is developed for reforming and a subsequent sustainable management of the HUS of the pilot settlement including a stage-by-stage reduction/liquidation of subsidies to cover losses of resources and costs of the HUS sector, creation of the corresponding service company for a sustainable management of the HUS sector of the pilot settlement.

·    Piloting is executed of the developed technical and organizational actions/solutions for reconstruction of the system of the centralized heat supply, water supply and water removal in the settlement Prigorodnyi and development of the system of the sustainable HUS management of the settlement

·    The system of monitoring and spread of knowledge, experience and practice of HUS modernization for small settlements are developed and proven in the pilot territory.



Total resources



$189, 400

Project Overview
Project Start date
Estimated end date
Geographical coverage
Focus area
Energy and Environment
Ensuring environmental sustainability
Project officer
Alexandr Belyi,
Ministry of Regional Development of the RK, Ministry of Environmental protection, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, Akimat of Astana