Central Asian Multi-Country Programme on Climate Risk Management. Climate Risk Management in Kazakhstan


Climate variability and change impacts (including climate-related disasters) and their inherent complexity are likely to pose considerable risks to important economic drivers, human welfare and the environment of Kazakhstan. As a result, climate variability is likely to trigger a suite of food security, water security, energy security, human health and poverty problems in the country. In order to overcome these challenges and for adaptation and climate-related disaster risk reduction to be successful in Kazakhstan, UNDP launches the project on Climate Risk Management in Kazakhstan.  The main objective is to promote reduction of climate-related disasters and adaptation to climate change in Kazakhstan and to integrate climate risk management into Kazakhstan’s core development policy and strategies.

Expected Results

  • Strengthened institutional frameworks and technical capacity to manage climate change risks and opportunities in an integrated manner
  • Development of climate-resilient strategies, policies and legislation in priority sectors and geographic areas
  • Expanded financing options to meet national climate change adaptation costs
  • Implementation of climate change adaptation interventions in priority sectors
  • Disseminated knowledge on how to incorporate climate change knowledge and risks into development processes at national, sub-national and local levels


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 UNDP  $ 2000000


Dec 2012  $ 157 673,00
Apr 2013  $ 35 706,00
Project start date
March 2010
Estimated end date
January 2014
Geographic coverage
Kazakhstan, Astana
Focus Area
Air Pollution, Climate Change, Disaster Preparedness, Environment, Environmental Management
Ensure environmental sustainablility
Project officer
Yerlan Zhumabayev
Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Water Resources Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, NGO "Farmers of Kazakhstan", NGO "Ecoidea"