Supporting introduction of mediation in Kazakhstan


The project aims at increasing access to justice for vulnerable groups by effective use of mediation for disputes resolution. The project will conduct a series of education activities for professional and non-professional mediators, promote establishment of necessary education infrastructure for mediators and raise general public awareness on benefits and opportunities of mediation.

Expected Results

  • To facilitate establishment of legal framework for mediation in Kazakhstan, in view of best international experiences and national law requirements
  • To create a system for professional certification, education and service delivery of mediators
  • To promote a network of professional and community mediators in the centre and the regions, ensuring access of vulnerable groups to alternative dispute resolution tools
  • Inform wider audience in different locations about rules and benefits of mediation


 Donor name  Amount contributed
 UNDP  $ 250000
 Government of Kazakhstan  $ 150000


 Dec 2012  $ 181 217,00
 Apr 2013  $ 33 708,00
Project start date
January 2012
Estimated end date
January 2014
Geographic coverage
Focus Area
Political Affairs
Human Rights
Project officer
Gulmira Kuanzhanova
The Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, local and regional courts, Civil society organizations and mediation companies, Central and local authorities, local community members
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